Philipp Engler

Juniorprofessor for Monetary Macroeconomics




  • NEW DISCUSSION PAPER on the Welfare Effects of TTIP.
  • On Monday, 11 July,  I will participate in a panel discussion with Christoph von Marschall of the Tagesspiegel organized by the Lea Rosh Salon on the Brexit, for info see the link here.
  • The paper "Fiscal Devaluations in a Monetary Union" is forthcoming in the IMF Economic Review.
  • The paper "Sovereign Risk, Interbank Freezes, and Aggregate Fluctuations" has just been published in the   European Economic Review.
  • New policy paper on the massive reform of the Ukrainian banking sector
  • New policy briefing on the the macroeconomic effects of the drastic reduction in social security contributions in Ukraine






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